Large structural timber buildings and repairs

We are very experienced in Oak Frame Structures from small porches to full size houses.  We thoroughly enjoy working with large oak timbers and believe the features of it can enhance any home with the right design. 

Oak Framed Staircase

This staircase was commissioned by a customer for their open boathouse. The string and treads are made from air dried oak which should be perfect for this particular environment reducing the potential movement of the oak. We extended the floor and made a ballustrading for a balcony to overlook the water.

Timber repairs

An old softwood barn built over 100 years ago was suffering from a bit of old age and weathering.  I did a number of repairs to worn away wall plates and a tie beam.  I also replaced all the exposed posts which had decayed, increasing the life span of the barns.


Here are some joist repairs I did to an old house in Wardour which used to be a nunnery.  The repairs were done like for like in oak, adding the carpenters marks like the original.  These timbers have definitely stood the test of time and it is such a treat to uncover workmanship like this.