I am a classically trained Dorset-based carpenter who is experienced in

traditional carpentry and joinery. I have spent the last seven years working 

as part of a team in Dorset and Wiltshire making oak frame houses, bespoke 

kitchens and cabinets. 


While I specialise in building and repairing oak timber frame buildings, I 

am experienced in all aspects of carpentry and have a broad repertoire of 

woodworking skills. I can manage many different projects, from fitted wardrobes 

to an extension. 


I use traditional hand tools and techniques in order to preserve my craft and 

because working in this way is much more satisfying, as the finish is finer and 

more tactile. Rather than sawdust and noise, there is the gentle rasping sound of 

someone working with their hands as curled shavings drop to the floor.